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March 13, 2022

With three James Beard awards and a three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Chef Dominique Crenn has transcended traditional vegetarian fare by treating cooking as a kind of poetic expression. Now the celebrated chef invites you to discover inspired dishes from her creative workshop. Following a full tasting menu of recipes, learn techniques to elevate your cooking, minimize waste, and turn vegetarian dishes into works of art.

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Smashing glass ceilings and unearthing new flavors, Dominique Crenn became the first female chef in the U.S. to earn two Michelin stars—and then the first to earn three.

With a deep appreciation for fresh-grown food and a distinctly artistic approach, Chef Crenn continues to challenge the status quo by elevating vegetables to main-course status. Three times she’s been honored as a James Beard Foundation Best Chef, and in 2016 The World’s 50 Best named her the “World’s Best Female Chef.” Now the chef at Atelier Crenn is teaching you elevated culinary techniques and recipes to turn vegetarian dishes into the stars of the show.

Lessons in this online class include:
• Dominique’s Essential Kitchen Tools
• Tomato: Enhanced
• Tomato: Illuminated
• Tomato: Evolved
• Melon: Enhanced
• Melon: Illuminated
• Melon: Evolved
• Leeks
• Mushroom
• Asparagus
• Seasonal Vegetables
• Cabbage
• Cheese

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