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August 27, 2022

When 12-time Grammy winner John Legend released “Free” in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, he called it a prayer for peace. Now the recipient of the first-ever Recording Academy Global Impact Award teaches you how he wrote and recorded the song—and his process for creating hits like “All of Me” and “Glory.” Layer melodies and lyrics, develop your musical point of view, and make music that makes the moment.

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Lessons in this online class include:
• Songwriting With Melody
• Song Structure
• Choosing Subject Matter
• Developing Your Musical Point of View
Making a Movement: “Glory” Song Study
• Finding Your Artistic Voice and Style
• Writing Lyrics to Communicate Your Message
• Writing Lyrics: Themes and Motifs
Making Lyrics Your Own
• Becoming a “Promiscuous Collaborator”
• Blending Musical Genres
• Recording Lead Vocals
• Recording Background Vocals
• Deep Dive: Vocal Arrangement
• Finishing Your Song: Editing
• Performing Live
• Bonus: Advice for Aspiring Songwriters

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