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image  1 FORTUNE - The Great Resignation has helped employees’ wallets
September 8, 2022

The Great Resignation has helped employees’ wallets.⁠⁠Those who changed jobs during the past year got a median annual pay raise of 16.1%, according to a new ADP report. That’s nearly double the median change in yearly pay for those who stayed in their jobs: 7.6.% ⁠⁠While workers who stayed at their company didn’t typically receive as high of a raise as their Great Resignation counterparts, these raises varied based on the sector they worked in. Leisure and hospitality workers received the greatest salary jump, at 12.1%. ⁠⁠ADP also found that the larger the company, the greater the raise for employees who stuck around.⁠⁠🔗 Read the full story by clicking the link in bio.⁠
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