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image  1 FORTUNE - $100,000 is the projected price of a ticket to space in 10 years
October 3, 2022

$100,000 is the projected price of a ticket to space in 10 years.⁠⁠It’s also the projected net worth of the average adult in 2024. So finds a new report from investment bank Credit Suisse. ⁠⁠Despite what your bank account and economists might say, individual fortunes are projected to continue to grow internationally by 28% per adult in just under two years. ⁠⁠More people in general are reaching the upper echelon of wealth, with Credit Suisse predicting that the number of millionaires will increase by a whopping 40% by 2026. ⁠⁠While a recession may drive a temporary decrease in the immense accumulation of wealth, the Swiss bank’s research indicates it won’t stop the trajectory of wealth growth over the next five years.⁠⁠🔗 Read the full story by clicking the link in bio.⁠
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