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August 11, 2022

With 25M+ followers on TikTok, Devon Rodriguez has captured the attention of art critics and everyday people alike.

In Devon’s session, you’ll create your own portrait after practicing sketching, color mixing, and painting alla prima. No matter your skill level, you’ll learn the techniques necessary to make something that astounds you.

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As one of the most viewed visual artists on TikTok, Devon Rodriguez has captivated tens of millions with his unique oil paintings. His series of portraits depicting subjects on the NYC subway have been described as traditional 19th-century European portraiture with contemporary flare. Now he shares his story of becoming an artist while teaching you to create your very own portrait.

Lessons in this online session include:
• Becoming an Artist
• Building Your Supply Kit
• Picking the Perfect Picture
• Portrait Line Drawing: Tracing
• Portrait Line Drawing: Grid Lines
• Mixing Color Wheel Colors
• Mixing & Blending Skin Tone Colors
• Cleaning Your Supplies
• Painting Alla Prima
• Painting Facial Features
• Painting the Background
• Varnishing Your Painting
• Marketing Yourself as an Artist

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