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December 11, 2022

Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, crypto has offered the hope of a stronger, more democratic financial system. And it’s raised plenty of questions as it continues to evolve. Now experts and skeptics at the center of the conversation are sharing a straightforward look at how this ecosystem is changing. Learn the basics, dive deep into the world of blockchain and Web3, and get the breakdown on what you need to know now.

Learn more about Emilie Choi, Chris Dixon, Paul Krugman, and Changpeng “CZ” Zhao on MasterClass at

Lessons in this online class include:
• The History of Crypto
• Decentralization: Freedom & Possibility
• Decentralization: Is It Built on a Lie?
Paul & CZ in Conversation: The “Problem” With Crypto
• The Evolution of Blockchain
• Web3: Read, Write, Own
Crypto for Entrepreneurs
• DAOs: Companies Run by Communities
• NFTs: Digital Goods
Crypto Token Ownership
• Stablecoins: Are They Really Stable?
Paul & CZ in Conversation: Are Stablecoins Safe?
• Why Is Crypto So Volatile?
• The Dangers for Investors
Paul & CZ in Conversation: Crypto Consumer Protection
Crypto Regulation Is Necessary
• The Future of Crypto

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About MasterClass:
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