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December 21, 2021

CEO of The Black Swan Group and former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss has developed a strategic negotiation style that can be used in almost any situation. In his Session by MasterClass, Voss and the Black Swan team teach 12 effective tactics that will help you with everything from leading a project to negotiating a pay raise. In just 30 days, gain confidence to achieve your goals at work and beyond.

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Chris Voss is a professor and author who’s spent decades becoming one of the world’s top experts on the science of negotiation.

After a stint with New York City’s SWAT team, Voss became the FBI’s lead crisis negotiator in New York City—and then its lead international kidnapping negotiator. Leaving the bureau after 24 years of service, he used his extensive experience to develop unique business negotiation programs at the University of Southern California and Georgetown University.

Today, his negotiation consultancy, The Black Swan Group, has gathered the best minds in the field to empower professionals, public servants, and everyday people to negotiate effectively at work and beyond. Join his elite team of negotiators in a 30-day session on negotiation in the workplace.

Lessons in this online session include:
• Become the Most Trusted Person at Work
• Strengthen Your Workplace Influence
• Create Epiphanies to Land the Deal
• Getting to the Agreement
• Negotiating Your Future
• Inclusive Negotiation

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