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November 15, 2021

Arriving in Iraq on the same day ISIS took Mosul in 2014, Tim Buxton looked at his young family (his children were 3yrs, 2yrs & 9 weeks) and wondered what he had done. The region had changed overnight. Slaughter, torture, and slavery were imminent for ethnic and religious minorities – unless they could escape. He watched with the world as two million men, women and children fled the terror. Those harrowing scenes are tragically similar to the desperation the world has once again witnessed at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Tim would discover how broken the global response to the refugee crisis had become, and how the world’s most vulnerable (40% are children) would be dehumanised with labels: illegal immigrants, placeless, stateless, people on the move. In this talk, Tim proposes a new way of seeing and naming those forcibly displaced from their homes, and invites listeners to join him. Until We All Belong Back in 2013, after more than 8 years coordinating international humanitarian trips for Times Square Church in New York City, We moved with the family to the frontlines of Northern Iraq, serving refugees that fled ISIS. There We co-founded The Refuge Initiative, a charity initiative building communities of hope by providing both homes and holistic care to refugees and displaced people.

In 2017 We moved back to Australia, where We founded You Belong, a charity that empowers refugees to integrate and thrive in Australia. Content Creator is also the host of Justice Matters, a podcast inspiring the fight for a world where everyone belongs.

At the end of the day We just hope that with this God-given life I’ve been gifted We can also inspire others to join in making this magnificent world a more beautiful place for all to live in. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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