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August 19, 2022

Known as one of the greatest philanthropists in history, Melinda French Gates has dedicated her life to giving back to the world. Now she’s teaching how you too can find a cause—and have an effect. Learn how to identify your own unique assets—time, money, specific skills, or even your voice—and create a strategic plan that makes the most of them.

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Lessons in this online class include:
• Chart Your Resources
• Forms of Philanthropic Giving
• Connect Through Curiosity
• Melinda’s Diary: Korogocho, Tanzania, 2014
• Pick an Issue That Resonates
• Think, Test, Do: A Research Framework
• There Is No Soft Data
• Identify Barriers to Break Them Down
• Melinda’s Diary: Calcutta, India, 2004
Good Partnerships Are Invaluable
• Name Your Giving Goals
• Let Your Values Guide Your Giving
• Melinda’s Diary: Durham, North Carolina, 2009
• Empathetic Giving
• Learn From Failure

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About MasterClass:
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