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August 9, 2021

Avinash Ramanathan is a Venture Capitalist (VC) and a firm believer that a certain degree of life is increasingly revolving around products and services shaped by Venture Capital. Good VCs need to not only understand that the society they live in is not one moment in time but is constantly evolving. All VCs need to look into the future and be intellectually curious, empathetic, and optimistic.

In his talk, Avinash gives detailed insights into what a VC does, how a VC works, when a company should or should not raise VC money.

Avinash parallels his job with that of a salesperson, where he sells to everyone, including entrepreneurs. Taking a hypothetical VC Fund, he explains the multiple facets of the VC value chain.

According to him, VCs operate by a rule called the Power Law. Of the 4000 tech startups which seek funding each year, only about 200 are funded. Less than 15 of these startups are responsible for the total returns implying a hit rate of less than 0.01%

So, what do VCs look for in startups? In Avinash's opinion, their ability to turn it into Rockets – Companies that can become really big in a relatively short period of time.

He closes the talk with why VC funding picked up in India, the phases it went through, and why he expects $25 to $35 Billion to go into Indian startups in the coming years. He believes that this will be the decade where VC-funded startups will become mainstream and dominate the Indian bourses.
Avinash Ramanathan is an Investment Associate at Kalaari Capital, an early-stage, tech-focused venture capital firm based out of Bangalore. Before Kalaari, he was a decision scientist at Mu Sigma, helping Fortune 500 clients across banking and pharmaceutical industries to understand their business problems and enabling data-driven decisions.

As lives are increasingly being shaped by products and services from venture-backed startups, Avinash is excited about the potential of these technology companies to create a long-term sustainable impact for society. He believes that the country’s startup ecosystem has a pivotal role to play in India’s march towards a $5T economy and is confident that by the end of this decade, the biggest companies in India by market capitalization would be venture-backed.

At Kalaari, he is currently helping shape the investment practices primarily in deeptech, enterprise software, health-tech, and gaming. Apart from a very strong interest in investments, Avinash, in the pre-covid world, played competitive tennis, and you can find him giving tennis lessons in his free time. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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