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January 29, 2022

A MacArthur Fellow and Fields Medal winner, Terence Tao was studying university-level math by age 9. Now the “Mozart of Math” is breaking down his approach to everyday problem-solving—without complex equations or formulas. Learn how to deconstruct challenges, use storytelling as a tool, and discover solutions, whether you’re trying to level up in a computer game or just want to make sure you catch your plane on time.

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With breakthrough research in harmonic analysis, combinatorics, partial differential equations, and analytic number theory, Terence Tao has been counted as the “Mozart of Math” by fellow mathematicians. He’s also been honored with the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel Prize of mathematics: the Riemann Prize: the Bolyai Prize: and more than 25 other math and science awards for his contributions and research.

In this class, the UCLA professor teaches you how to use math to make your life better. Explore Dr. Tao’s process for using mathematical thinking to simplify and solve day-to-day challenges—without completing a single page of homework.

Lessons in this online class include:
Terence Tao’s Journey
• Demystifying Math
• Math in Your Everyday Life
• Choosing the Problem to Solve
• Solving Problems With Story
• Transforming Problems
• Games, Cheats, and Puzzles
• Math Fails
• Stumped: Navigating Roadblocks
• Finding Strength in Numbers
• Onward: The Constant Evolution of Math

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