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image  1 TED Talks - Struggling to maintain your work-life balance
September 8, 2022

Struggling to maintain your work-life balance? Even if you love your job, you need boundaries to help you keep your time, energy and mental health protected. Otherwise, it can lead to extra stress, lack of fulfillment and yes, burnout. 😮‍💨 But while you know establishing personal guidelines is important — it can be tricky to know how or where to start. And actually talking to your boss about it can be even more challenging. But it is possible! 💪 For starters, understanding your own value can help you decide what’s truly worthy of your time, and feel more comfortable passing on projects that aren’t. From there, you can speak up more about what you need, manage expectations and workload and stop compromising your values (or your sleep!) for productivity. Ready to know more about the 6 ways you can set better boundaries *and* stick to them? Visit the link in our bio to read more!
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