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September 2, 2021

Through her award-winning Savannah restaurant, The Grey, Chef Mashama Bailey has brought worldwide acclaim to the rich, layered traditions of Southern cooking. Now the James Beard Award–winning chef is showing you traditional and reimagined techniques and recipes for nutritious, flavorful Southern dishes. From pork shank and collard greens to succotash, gumbo, and grits, explore a world of history, texture, and taste.

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Helping to reshape perceptions of Black, Southern culinary traditions, Chef Mashama Bailey draws inspiration from her grandmothers’ kitchens and recipes passed down through oral histories. As executive chef and partner of acclaimed Savannah, Georgia, restaurant The Grey, Mashama brings her own style to the deep, layered tastes and textures of Southern dishes.

Now the James Beard Award winner is sharing those traditions, techniques, and recipes with you. From gumbo and grits to braising and smoking, discover the history of Southern favorites and make your own mouthwatering versions right at home.

Lessons in this online class include:
• Succotash
• Pork Shank and Smoked Collard Greens
• Seafood Middlin
• Fish and Grits
• Foie and Grits
• Quail With Watermelon Molasses and Cornbread Dressing
• Pickled Oysters
• Oyster Hand Pie
• Okra Gumbo Z’Herbes

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