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image  1 “I watch the video and I’m filled with rage
February 6, 2023

“I watch the video and I’m filled with rage.”⁠⁠A well-intentioned YouTuber has been denounced for his altruism after he spent potentially millions of dollars paying for 1,000 people to get their sight back. The only problem is, he videoed the entire thing and posted it online.⁠⁠MrBeast has been slammed for “making content out of people who can’t see” with his most recent YouTube video. ⁠⁠Although the video has garnered millions of "likes" and tens of thousands of positive comments, others have said it fueled “rage” with many questioning why it took a YouTuber stepping in to get people their sight back.⁠⁠🔗 Click the link in the bio to read the full story.
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