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May 23, 2022

For 48 years of game GUIs, WIMPS reigned supreme. The dominant paradigm of Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointer, and Solo play has made gaming (and the rest of computing) accessible to the average person. Now enter the Metaverse these flat screen 2D relics feel like wet newspaper stuck to the face. Supplying only a pancake layer of interaction in what players expect to be an immersive 3D world shortchanges a player’s Metaverse Dreams. After upgrading to Metaverse friendly technology, platforms, and business models: join to understand how to design UX that immerses the player in ways that only the Metaverse can. Come learn 5 UX approaches to transform your game’s pancake WIMPS to Metaverse WHOAS. Even if your flatscreen game focuses on traditional mechanics, come grab the red pill and make whatever you’re working on feel more like the Metaverse.

3D Technology, Activism, Behavioral Economics, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Coding, Design, Digital, Games, Gaming, Idea Challenge, Interface design, Play, Virtual Reality, Metaverse Nicole Lazzaro, President and Founder of XEODesign, is the leading authority on emotion and player experience and designed the first true iPhone game. With a Stanford degree in psychology Lazzaro is the first to use facial expressions to measure player emotions. A leading designer, developer, and researcher Lazzaro applies her expertise to design award-winning XR experiences for games as well as enterprise. One of the top 20 women working in video games, millions of leading developers worldwide use Lazzaro’s emotion framework The 4 Keys to Fun, including Assassins Creed, WOW, and Battlefield. Since 1992 her clients include Disney, EA, Facebook, Oculus, Survios, BOSEAR, Double Eye Studios, TRIPP, Samantha Bee, and the Obama White House: on titles such as The Sims, Myst, Star Wars and Horizon Worlds. She is widely cited by global news media such as Wired, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, CNN, CNET, Wall Street Journal, and TED. Lazzaro is currently developing Follow the White Rabbit a mind-bending XR adventure about a magician whose magic one day suddenly works. ( This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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