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December 30, 2022

The emotions you suppress are waiting to be expressed! Registered Drama Therapist Anna Beck discusses using Drama Therapy to express emotion and enhance mental well-being. Drama Therapy is an active and experiential healing process. Anna shares case studies from her work in inpatient psychiatric treatment that encourage stepping outside of your comfort zone, embracing playfulness, and activating your imagination.

#DramaTherapy #SouthernUtahDramaTherapy #CreativeArtsTherapy Anna Beck is a Registered Drama Therapist who uses expressive arts to help people heal, grow, and transform. Through a life-long love of being on stage, Anna discovered the inherent nature of arts to improve mental and emotional well-being. Anna has Bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre and a Master’s Degree specializing in Drama Therapy. Working with hundreds of teens and women in Southern Utah, she specializes in using creative expression to treat complex trauma and other mental health issues. Anna also works as a Creative Consultant and Coach, providing clinically-informed experiences at conferences, workshops, and retreats. She loves spontaneous dance parties and singing loudly in her car with her champion of a husband and four magical children. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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