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image  1 FORTUNE - “I know very few people who wake up excited to go to work
December 17, 2022

“I know very few people who wake up excited to go to work.”⁠⁠Around the world, a number of workplace trends cropped up this year: the #antiwork movement, “lying flat” and its sister quiet quitting, and the Great Resignation. They’re all symbolic of worker dissatisfaction, and although employees of all ages participated, Gen Z has often found themselves at the center of it all.⁠⁠But it’s climate change that’s the final nail in the coffin for some young employees who are already questioning the value of their jobs.⁠⁠Worse than expected global warming and rising sea levels have painted a dismal picture of the future, leaving some young workers to view corporate work with more apathy and less ambition.⁠⁠🔗 Read the full story by clicking the link in bio.⁠
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