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image  1 Forbes - For most people, comfort and flying have become oxymorons
December 17, 2022

For most people, comfort and flying have become oxymorons. Comfort, however, is now being linked to passenger safety and health. Tighter seating is argued to be a threat to a speedy emergency evacuation and even the cause of dangerous health conditions such as blood clots. As reported by Bloomberg Law’s Lillianna Byington, Douglas Kidd, executive director of the National Association of Airline Passengers, summed up the argument in a public comment to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “Overcrowding of the passenger cabin is the single largest threat to passengers’ health and safety.” Kidd, thousands of others, and members of Congress are now weighing in on shrinking airline seat size encouraging the FAA to stop airlines from downsizing seats just as the traveling public’s posteriors are expanding. Read more at the link in the bio.
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