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August 6, 2022

Sometimes, making it big is all about following the fun. Ask Richard Branson. The founder of the Virgin Group built a business empire by solving the problems that fascinated him, disrupting every industry he touched, and pursuing dreams that seemed impossible. The adventure took him from humble beginnings to the stars. Learn how you, too, can find ideas so good they’re scary, lean into your fear, and achieve liftoff.

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Lessons in this online class include:
• MYI: The Adventurer’s Mindset
• Light the Fire With Your First Ventures
• Screw Convention: Diving Headfirst Into the Music Industry
• Confront Your Frustrations: Upending the Airline Business
• How to Be a David to an Industry Goliath
• Fight Tooth and Nail to Solve Problems
• Finding Great People
• We, Not: Bringing Value Out of Your Team
• Listening Deeply and Getting Things Done
• Experiencing Your Product Firsthand: Richard’s Spaceflight
• Draw a Ring Around Yourself
• Case Study: Forming The Elders
• Never Forget the Fun

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