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image  1 Ever feel like self-doubt is getting in your way
February 1, 2023

Ever feel like self-doubt is getting in your way? You’re not alone! From starting your dream business to traveling the world and being a good parent, or just getting through the day, everyone — and especially women — can feel uncertain and scared at times. Even writer and producer of TV hits like #Scandal, #Bridgerton and #GreysAnatomy. But just like her, you don’t have to let fear and other feelings stop you from going after what you really want. “The very act of doing the thing that scared me undid the fear, made it not scary,” Rhimes says. We’ve taken some of her most encouraging and important lessons from her Talk and her interview on the podcast 9 to 5ish to help you move forward. What advice would you give to someone experiencing self-doubt? Tell us in the comments. 👇
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