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June 12, 2022

Though she was just 15 when she launched her career, Petra Collins quickly became one of her generation’s most defining artists in photography, fashion, film, and music. Now she’s helping you find your voice behind the camera in a series of hands-on lessons. From camera settings to lighting to mood boarding, Petra will cover every step of the process—in just 30 days. You’ll plan, shoot, and develop a series of photos that express your unique perspective and style.

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Petra Collins’s work has been seen all over the world. She has redefined what it means to be an artist both online and offline, and now she’s bringing her creative prowess to MasterClass.

In her session, you’ll try your hand at every step of the photographic process. Petra will demystify everything about camera settings, lighting, and perspective. In just 30 days, you will leave the session with pro-level photos that capture your own personal aesthetic.

Lessons in this online session include:
Your Photography Starter Kit
• Expanding Creativity
• Understanding Your Camera and Lighting Techniques: Introduction
• Overview of Camera Operations
• Demo: Operating Your Camera, Part 1: Natural Light
• Demo: Operating Your Camera, Part 2: Source Light
• Portraits and Understanding Your Subject: Introduction
• Demo: Choosing Your Location, Lighting, and Considering Composition
• Demo: Taking Portraits
• Demo: Editing Photos
• Creating a Series: Introduction
• Case Study: Creating a Vision
• Case Study: Worldbuilding
• Demo: Photographing a Series
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